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Processing complex spatial data and flight mission preparation


We deliver on the demands of modern technology of complex processing of geospatial data exploration and geological research, including using high-spatial modeling terrain.


Highly qualified programmers of our partner companies and fulfills orders for the development of expert systems software and wide profile. 


Our systems are used for:• Carrying out engineering surveying the terrain using advanced 

technology of remote sensing (satellite imagery, aerial photography ultra-high resolution multi-channel);
• Processing of geospatial data obtained by remote sensing, and the creation of digital terrain models and terrain, the formation of digital maps with thematic layers of all scales;
• Transform black and white, color, multispectral aerial and satellite images of central and other projections. Getting orthophoto mosaics from any number of fragments of images with automatic alignment of their fototona and threaded onto plates. Overlaying vector data to raster and getting tablet orthophoto maps in formats tif or bmp. Three-dimensional combination of orthophoto digital terrain model. Three-dimensional mapping of vector and raster data, combined with the reflection of the laser point cloud;
• Collection of digital data for geographic information systems for various applications, inventory, engineering solutions and special tasks. Adding field measurements according to GPS-receivers and total stations. Creation of cadastral plans and horizontal shooting. Preparation of plans for stakeout with the signatures of the lengths of the lines, measurements, directional and interior angles;
• Vectorization of raster maps, still images, and stereo orthoimagery for creating and updating digital topographic maps and plans of all scales. Automatically receive DEM and building contours. Stereokorrelyatsiya the collection circuits. Collection and editing with customizable according to customer layers, conventional signs, parameters and characteristics of objects. Connecting the digital information gathered from individual stereo and cutting it on the plates.