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Innovative smart technology equipment buildings, offices, facilities, vehicles.

We will help create a management system that allow you to manage the entire lifecycle of an object and its sub-systems as a whole. Their integration provides enhanced security facilities (including the provision of continuous processes, prevention of accidents), the precise interaction of all systems; organization of network management structure with the implementation of automatic control functions, processing and storage of information on the state of systems with a single control station; Resource.

We combine a wide variety of devices in a single, smoothly working mechanism with the structure: smart home, smart manufacturing, smart city, smart country.The concept of "intelligent building" is successfully implemented on the basis of the new multipurpose center "Alpine", whose construction was completed in 2011. Center "Alpine" was the first intelligent building in St. Petersburg, which optimally combines high levels of safety, comfort, environmental friendliness and economy.

Modern building - a complex engineering systems:

- security (fire alarm)
- energy-saving system,
- lighting control system,
- System engineering infrastructure,
- gasification system,
- climate control (heating, ventilation and air conditioning)
- system and communications,
- Service Systems,
- multimedia systems.

All these systems can be integrated into a single intelligent control system. It will create a modern, efficient, high-tech control algorithms and building management.