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Based on the highly sensitive quantum magnetic field sensors in the company develop and produce magnetometer system. These systems are in demand in various sectors of technology and industry.

Aviation magnetometers are used for search of hydrocarbons, including offshore.

Marine Underwater (towed) magnetometers are required when searching for minerals on the seabed and the ocean, shooting magnetic field for navigation.

Aviation and marine magnetic and gradiometer systems are designed for high-precision shooting Earth's magnetic field to navigate the physical fields. They also demanded the search of diamonds and hydrocarbon minerals in the field of industrial development, when searching for sunken ships and determining their location, monitoring of subsea pipelines.

 Stationary magnetometers used for observatory observing subtle changes in the structure of Earth's magnetic field on land and in the deep ocean areas, the short-term earthquake prediction and protection of critical underwater objects.




  • Limiting the detection range of 900 m
  • The error in determining the range of not more than 200 m
  • Error evaluation is not the time of flight of the beam more than 2 s
  • Error classification of the magnetic moment of not more than 20%