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Our company supplies medical equipment, devices for neonatal medicine, emergency rescue system in the areas of natural disasters, man-made disasters, etc.


We are ready to deliver unified automobile medical complexes; equipping ambulances and rescue vehicles to eliminate the consequences of road accidents; Diagnostic medical device doctor "Case".

Medical facilities for neonatal health care:


- Monitor for the newborn;
- Indicator of breathing the newborn;
- Compact monitor breathing newborn with RF detector;
- Detectors neonatal;
- Medical neonatal irradiator visible spectrum;
- Complex neonatal resuscitation;
- Anesthesia and respiratory equipment.



We deliver wireless sensor equipment to record the temperature of the body and the biological environment. It is used in traumatology, orthopedics, neurosurgery, urology, oncology, transplantation, infectious diseases, vascular surgery.


Wireless sensors are implanted with special equipment to receive and process the incoming information from them. This allows you to identify early signs of infection and promptly take necessary measures for the treatment of a patient without surgery to remove the implanted medical devices (prostheses, stimulants, metal retaining structures, etc..).



A separate area is the use of sensors in oncology, where the local temperature control is an important part of the operation. Under the control of temperature is controlled destruction of the tumor. The design allows subsequently integrating these sensors in the more complex medical devices.