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Getting on ships and ships next Hydrometeorological Information:

  • from meteorological satellites (MIS-3) such as "Meteor-M», «NOAA»;
  • telegraph and facsimile information from the radio-meteorological center (RMC);
  • hydro-meteorological parameters of the environment;
  • Information on the status of the temperature and humidity of the ship;
  • processing, displaying and recording adopted hydrometeorological information and delivery of processed;
  • Information consumers ship.



KGMO "plot-KM" is designed specifically for offline hydrometeorological support ships. Satellite reception equipment and fax meteorological information (APSI) provides the ability to observe the Earth from polar-orbiting satellites (800 km - 2 channels APT) in the visible and infrared ranges.

Saving to your hard drive series has consistently received image mode makes it possible to trace the animation features of dynamic processes:

  • alteration of the boundaries of the snow and ice cover;
  • movement of cyclonic formations and cloud;
  • the passage of atmospheric fronts;
  • the spread of fire and smoke large industrial emissions;
  • static characteristic features of natural objects (forest, steppe, coastline, volcanoes).

The monitoring meteorological parameters (AKGMP) provides information on the ships of the values of meteorological parameters of the environment, processing and display on the monitor and remote information displays.
Equipment "Post Patrol" provides acquisition, processing and presentation of information to the operator about the temperature and relative humidity in the premises of the ship.



KGMO "Plot-KM" - an information and technical resources to ensure the observation of natural phenomena from the high meteorological satellites and the surrounding environment ship for formulating and solving problems within the thematic meteorological, environmental and other issues.

Preparation time for the product is not more than 10 minutes.

Continuous operation of the product is 23 hours with a break for one hour.

Continuous operation AKGMP and equipment "Post Patrol" uptime 48 hours with a break of one hour for routine maintenance.

Weight APSI is not more than 100 kg.

Weight AKGMP is not more than 300 kg., depending on the number of sensors.

Weight "Post Patrol" is not more than 150 kg., depending on the quantity of sensors.








It provides measurement and transmission of meteorological data and data on the state of the road surface in the control center and inform road users about weather conditions at the digital display and controls the supply system of reagents on the pavement.




Weather Station:

  • meteorological mast to accommodate the weather sensors and fixing unit for receiving and processing information,
  • weather sensors
  • receiving unit and information processing, and for receiving and processing information from weather sensors, data transmission to the control center,
  • system Spray reagents
  • video surveillance system,
  • Information table.