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Experience and unchanging principles, which are based on strict fulfillment of our obligations, is a competitive advantage of ITC Invest Company and allow us to solve our basic goals — to satisfy all the needs of our customers, to provide non stop and timeliness of deliveries.



Team of the ITC Invest Company established for creative solutions to our customers’ needs. As our customers’ requirements are constantly evolving, our support team is always there to provide the best service, storage and on time delivery at the highest safety standards and at a competitive price. We are always on the lookout for better ways to connect producers with end-users. We are doing streamline and simplify supply chains.



If you are facing a dilemma which type of equipment or goods is suitable for your purposes, our experts will help you to find the right solution. The wide range and competitive prices of equipment and goods allow you to choose the right option for your environment. We are working with individuals and business partners, industrial and government companies. By ordering equipment or goods our company, you can be assured of high quality and timely delivery of the required equipment or goods.


The aim of the ITC Invest company is to meet expectations of our esteemed partners and customers.

The experts of our company are ready to give the full technological and informational support to our clients, consultations on all the questions.